HP Elite SC is pleased to announce that we will be implementing a very special training program specifically designed for our Goalkeepers!


It is important that our goalies are trained specifically for their position. From footwork, to hands, to diving correctly there is so much to learn and focus on with this position. It is difficult for a coach to fully teach all there is to know/learn for this position during the team practice, which is why our club will be offering the proper training. Along with the proper technical and tactical aspects of goalkeeping, there is another important issue that will be covered in training and that is injury prevention. Our goalies will be trained in the proper way to dive and land to prevent unnecessary injuries that can occur if they have not been taught proper form.


FOOTWORK– A GOALKEEPERS main job is to make saves and block shots. This is accomplished with proper footwork. Proper footwork forces the shooter to beat the GOALKEEPER instead of the GOALKEEPER beating themselves. 

HANDWORK– There is 2 types of GOALKEEPERS: Upper body Goalies & Lower body Goalies. The HANDWORK session develops the upper body movements combined with the FOOTWORK session we begin to develop the total GOALKEEPER. 

COLLAPSE DIVING– Diving technique is crucial to making the big saves and protecting your GOALKEEPER. This session will break down the body mechanics of the collapse dive and power step to reach the difficult shots and save not only the ball, but also the body. 

RECEIVING– The flight of the ball changes from shot to shot, field to field, environment to environment, player to player, surface of foot and body. A GOALKEEPER must know the different and proper RECEIVING techniques to combine Action & Reaction to maintain control of all potential shots. 

HUNTING– Hands High & Hands Low always hunting the ball is a GOALKEEPERs bread and butter on breakaways and loose balls. GOALKEEPERS must be able to make split second decisions as they move their feet when to step towards the ball and when to drop to their goal line. HUNTING encompasses a GOALKEEPERS need to stay active both UPPER & LOWER body as we develop the complete GOALKEEPER. 

AIRBALLS– One of the most difficult skills to master is a ball overhead. The flight of the ball is constantly changing as well as other players around the GOALKEEPER increasing pressure. The GOALKEEPER must read the flight of the ball to make the simple saves and the amazing upper 90 diving Perry’s. This session will combine all of the GOALKEEPERS tools and decrease the margin for error on AIR BALLS.