HP Elite SC Juggling Club 

Juggling is a very important part of any player’s development.
While it is rare to take consecutive touches in the air during a game, the following are some of the many developmental benefits of juggling:

Balance, Eye/Foot Coordination, Core Strength 

Touch and Ball Familiarity: Each touch helps the player become more familiar with how to react to the ball touching different surfaces of the body.

Confidence and Style: Once the ball responds the way they want, they will add difficulty to the touches, increase their confidence, and add style to their game.

The Love of Spending Time With the Ball: As confidence and ability builds, players will look forward to spending time with the ball to try to break their juggle record and develop tricks through their personal creativity.

Juggling Club Rules

Players U9 and Younger: May start the ball with their hands, but first touch must be with the foot. All touches with any part of their body besides their hands and arms can count towards overall score. Players must return to zero once the ball hits the ground.

Players U10 and Older:  May only start the ball from the ground with their feet.  All other body parts (besides hands and arms) can be used to keep the ball off the ground. Players must return to zero once the ball hits the ground.

Recording: Each player is responsible for accurately counting their number of juggles. Any juggling score to be submitted must be witnessed by a HP Elite coach or submitted on a video.

Reporting: Once reaching a level of achievement, simply send an email including the players name, age, team, and overall score to dochpelite@gmail.com and include your current HP Elite coach.

If you have any questions please contact Rachael Chavez at dochpelite@gmail.com

Riley Waxman
2006 Girls
Riley Waxman 2006 Girls Intermediate

Juggling Level Category

Jugging Amount Category
5 Starter
10 Intermediate
20 Advanced
50 Premier
100 Elite
200 Pro
500+ Master